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  • Know your instrument. I teach the tools necessary to strengthen, expand and trouble-shoot your instrument on your own.
  • Trust your voice. You will learn how to feel confident every time you open your mouth, even when you are nervous or under the weather.
  • Break hearts, change minds, rock worlds, heal shattered souls..! Efficient vocal technique allows you to forget about the mechanics of singing and engage the full expressive power of your instrument.



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Los Angeles Studio
1554 Parmer Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90026, US
San Diego Studio (Mon-Tues only)
3137 Adams Ave., San Diego, CA, 92116, US


  • Discount Packages

    Up to 3-mos of free lessons plus perks!
    • Jumpstart 4-pack (New students only) $130
      Four 30-minute private lessons -- see details
    • Sextet $350
      Six standard 45-minute private lessons
      Save 10%
    • 12-toned $650
      12 45-minute lessons. 
      2 free lessons
    • Silver Tongue $1,160
      Six months of study (24 45-minute lessons) 
      6 lessons free
      free 15-min. phone/online warm-ups on request
    • Golden Throat $2,100
      3 months of free lessons (12 free lessons!)
      Plus perks:  
      free 15-min. phone/online warm-ups on request
      free admission to classes, workshops, masterclasses in Los Angeles and San Diego (valued at $220 - $650 ea.)